Temple Sholom of Ontario’s Religious School
is dedicated to providing each of our students with an excellent Jewish education within the frame work of a Temple School. Through a coordinated staff effort, we engage in education programs that stress skills, knowledge, and commitment; both emotionally and spiritually.
Temple Sholom’s religious school offers classes for children from pre-kindergarten to post B’Nai Mitzvah. Temple Sholom presents all students the opportunity to experience, enjoy, and learn all aspects of Judaica through a “hands-on” approach. All grade levels participate in a variety of ways: projects, plays, talk forums, research of historical material, raising money for Tzedakah (charity), arts and crafts, guest speakers, and the pursuit of Mitzvot (good deeds).


Students extensively study the Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Morning services. This information is incorporated within the course of the Hebrew Language instruction and daily class activities. Prayers, melodies, rituals and traditions, symbolism and meaning are intrinsic parts of the educational program. Four to five times during the year, the students present their newly gained knowledge to the Congregation by conducting the Shabbat services. Students in the primary grades lead basic prayers, songs, and skits appropriate for their ages. The student body also participates in Hanukkah and Purim holiday programming, as well as the Passover Model Seder activities, which are organized by grade level.


We have an active Religious School for children from kindergarten through post B’nai Mitzvah ages. Temple Sholom provides an opportunity, for all students, to experience, enjoy and learn all aspects of Jewish life. The Religious School maintains a low teacher-student ratio to ensure that all children learn at their own pace.

For further information about classes call the office at (909) 983-9661 or email us at: