Dear Parents,

On behalf of Temple Sholom of Ontario, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new families and old friends to our Religious School. As we begin our year together, it is time to ask what we can do as parents and teachers to make this educational program the most beneficial experience possible for your child.

I believe a child has four sets of teachers: home teachers, playmate teachers, school teachers, and community teachers. Each of these sets of teachers has a share in these stages of a child’s development—intellectual, social, and emotional. For a child to develop to his/her fullest potential, there must be close cooperation between these different sets of teachers from home, school, and community.

As we all share in the experience of teaching your child, let us work together to create a special place in which to learn and enjoy Judaism. I wish a successful year for your family, as our children embark on another season of learning.


Steven M. Feldman



All children must be registered through our office or by mail. Actual Religious School Enrollment occurs only when we have received your completed registration information forms, as well as required fees.



It is necessary for the teacher to have any information, which can affect your child’s learning.   Information of a physical, social, and psychological nature can aid our staff in planning instruction for each child.   With this knowledge, teachers may be unable to provide the type of support necessary to ensure your child’s academic success.

Such information should be transmitted in writing to, or by a private conference with the Principal, who will inform you’re child’s teacher. The Religious School Registration information has a section for such information.



Classes will meet:

All Grades Sundays 9:30 AM-12:00 PM
All Grades Wednesdays 4:15 PM-6:15 PM

Please be certain your child attends class on a regular basis to support maximum learning. The material presented each day is based on prior class sessions.

 If there is a problem with scheduling, please contact the Principal, so arrangements can be made. Feel free to use email:

 or call the Synagogue office at (909) 983-9661



The school will provide most supplies. If you would like to contribute additional supplies to our school, donations would be appreciated. Please see the Principal or your child’s teacher to learn our needs.



****Classes will begin PROPMTLY. Please have your child arrive a few minutes early.   Students must allow for preparation time before class.

****Classes end PROMPTLY. Please pick up your child ON TIME. If emergencies arise, and you must be late in picking up your child, PLEASE call the Synagogue at (909) 983-9661, or call/text Steve’s cell at (626) 710-8099. There will always be a staff member or Synagogue personnel waiting with your child.

There will be a late pickup charge of $1.00 per minute.

Children attending the weekday classes will be ready for pickup promptly at 6:15 PM. Parents must pick up their children by 6:15 PM. A late pick up charge of $1.00 per minute will begin after 6:20, but will begin accruing charges from the 6:15 dismissal time.   Only extreme emergencies are exempt from this charge.

Children attending Sunday classes will be ready for pickup 12:00 PM. A charge of $1.00 per minute will begin after 12:05, but will begin accruing charges from the 12:00 PM dismissal time. Only extreme emergencies are exempt from this charge.



Snack will be provided for your child on Tuesdays and Sundays in the Social Hall. To ensure there are snacks available for our students, we ask parents for any monetary contribution, to help offset the cost of snack. Your assistance and support is always appreciated.

All food brought into any part of the Synagogue facilities must be KOSHER, and should be brought in disposable containers.

Foods are KOSHER if:

  1. They are marked “kosher” with one of the certification marks, such as:

“K” Kosher, “KD” Kosher dairy, “KO” Kosher meat, “KP” kosher for Passover, “O” allowed for meat meals only, “OU” allowed for meat and dairy meals, d “D” allowed for dairy meals only

Some brands which are “kosher” are: Sunshine, Entenmans, Pepperidge Farms Wise, Pringles, Dunkin Hines, Sun Maid, Stella Doro, Planters, Herr’s Quaker Granola Bars.

  1. Dairy food is kept in its “original state.”   This means that the dairy item cannot be combined with anything that has meat in it, or is made with meat by-products, such as lard, animal protein, gelatin, and meat juices. This applies to cheese, milk, yogurt, and butter for example.


No student is permitted to leave the facility unless accompanied by a parent or other authorized personnel. If you are going to pick up your child before class is dismissed, we require that you observe the following guidelines:

  1. Write a dated and signed note for the teacher, which states the time you will be picking up your child, and with whom the child will be leaving.
  1. Please come into the building and find the Principal or Synagogue secretary. Do not remove your child from the premises without first notifying the Principal or secretary.

Never arrange to have your child meet you in the parking lot.   Please walk into the school yourself and find the Principal.



Regular attendance is crucial in accomplishing the goals of our educational program. There is a direct correlation between attendance, achievement, interest, and attitude. Furthermore, arriving late, and leaving early disrupts the entire class, and disrupts the entire class, as well as interfering with your child’s classroom routine. It teaches the child that religious school is not a valuable or significant part of our lives, and is disrespectful to the teacher. Religious school merits everyone’s courtesy, respectfulness, and responsibility towards others. Children who do not attend Religious School regularly many not be promoted. This decision is at the discretion of the Principal.

If your child has excessive absences, and/or has outstanding assignments, he/she will receive a grade of I (INCOMPLETE). If the assignments are not fulfilled, he/she will not be promoted to the next grade. The student missing more than 20% of class time determines excessive absences.



Students are responsible for the material presented in class. If a student is absent for any length of time due to illness or vacation, the teacher should be notified and arrangements should be made for obtaining the material covered in class.



Please notify us in case of contagious diseases so that we may notify the parents of other children in the class to be aware of the symptoms. Examples of contagious illnesses are chicken pox, mumps, tuberculosis, mononucleosis, Fifth Disease, and “Pink Eye.” Please also notify us in case of head lice. Please inform us of any changes in your child’s health during the year, such as vision, hearing, allergies, or stressful situations. It is crucial that we have on file a list of any and all medications the child is receiving, even if the dosage is only for the duration of a particular illness. This will help us in understanding and being sensitive to his/her special needs.



Homework is an extension of ALL classroom activities. It serves as part of the learning process. It is a way of communicating to parents what has taken place in the classroom. Assignments are at the sole discretion of the teacher. They are designed to enhance the learning process, and these assignments are intended to take no more than 20-30 minutes per week.



Temple Sholom of Ontario Religious School strives to create an atmosphere that reflects our Jewish values.   We take pride in our students for practicing respect for teachers, respect for each other, and respect for each other’s property, as well as respect for themselves. These are essential for a successful learning environment.

It is imperative that each student in our school and their parents read and understand the Behavior Policy in place at Temple Sholom Religious School. Students, parents, staff, are all held accountable for our actions. The policies are written and designed to eliminate any of the “guess work” associated with attending religious school.



Parents and teachers can work together on the creation of class activities. If you have any special talents or expertise, which you would like to share with our students and staff, please let us know. Your help is always appreciated and welcomed.   The teacher and Principal must review arrangements.



The Religious School will issue Progress Reports twice during the year, once at the end of December, and the second in late May (at the end of the school year). In addition, Parent/Teacher/Student Conference will be held midway between each reporting period.   Additional information will be communicated to you during the course of the year.



Minor injuries will be cared for at the school. This would apply to scrapes, paper cuts, skinned knees, and other very minor ailments. If an injury of a more serious nature arises, the parents will be contacted immediately. If we are unable to reach a parent, your child will be taken to the nearest hospital. Please provide the school with all telephone/cell phone numbers, so you can be contacted in case of such an emergency. It is also necessary you complete a waiver/permission for treatment form, as well as informing the school of all medical insurance information, as part of the Student Registration Packet.



In order for our Educational Program to be most effective, the home and school must work hand-in-hand. The following are a few suggestions:

  • Please provide your child with a light snack on Tuesdays, prior to Religious School, and a hearty breakfast on Sunday mornings. This will give your child the nourishment needed for concentration and learning.
  • As many of our students are involved in other extracurricular activities, it is important that you place a priority on your child’s Jewish education.
  • It is imperative that absenteeism be kept to a minimum. Each time your child is absent, there is a loss of continuity to the program. Please have your child attend classes on a regular basis.
  • Although we understand occasional tardiness, it is important that your child be in their classroom when class begins. Lateness creates a disruption for the entire class.
  • Participation is Synagogue services and celebration of Jewish Holidays will greatly enhance your child’s interest in Judaism and strengthen Jewish Identity. The Rabbi, Principal, and Teachers are always willing to provide resources, share their expertise, or provide other assistance if needed.
  • Show your child that you are interested in his/her Jewish education. This will greatly encourage and help foster a strong and positive identity.
  • Informal Jewish education is a great motivator for creating a positive Jewish identity.   Please encourage your child’s participation in Synagogue Youth programs and Jewish camps. The Rabbi and Principal will happy to provide you with additional information.