As we say goodbye to Rabbi David Mattis and Vanessa, we are still very busy reviewing the candidates for his replacement. This is not an easy process. When we placed an ad last time around, we got nine responses and selected what we felt were the two best of the applicants. This time we had over 15 responses and will have at least three of them here for close evaluations. I hope that all of the members had a chance to see these very qualified rabbis at one of our services. Please send us your feedback as to how you feel about these rabbis and your concerns if any. As a search committee from your board of directors, we want to get this valuable feedback to help us make the best decision that we can.

The next event for our fundraising committee will be the High Time for Tea. We will be holding this at the TSO social hall on Sunday, May 21 starting at 1 PM. The event will be a traditional English style high tea with all the trimmings. The cost is only $30 a person, which is incredibly inexpensive for an event of this quality. We are publicizing the High Tea and expect that attendance will be higher than ever for this community event. Book your reservations early to be sure you can get a spot for this “spot on spot of tea”.

Please consider closer participation in the Temple affairs. Run for board of directors, work on one of our committees, help out at events, speak up when you can. These and other ways can make us a more inclusive and better temple. We need your input, so step up and make yourself known.

As always, we are looking for new ideas on how to engage more of our Temple Sholom family. If you have any thoughts on this, please send them in. Keep in mind that your Board of Directors is actively trying to enrich the TSO environment. Outsiders look at our congregation and wonder how it is that a temple of our size can plan and put together more activities, events and religious services than synagogues many times larger than us.

Your President,

Elliot Weinstein, MD