TSO is looking into the possibility of re-opening for Shabbat Services - with restriction set by SB County - on Friday, April 23rd. This opening depends on everyone complying with those restrictions. It is very important that you attend the modified congregational Meeting this WEDNESDAY,  APRIL 14th at 7:30 PM. The board will go over the information obtained from San Bernardino county. We will then have a question and answer session about COVID and reopening the synagogue. Contact the office for Zoom info

Who We Are

Temple Sholom of Ontario is a conservative synagogue, serving the religious, educational, and social needs of Jewish men, women and families, of all ages.


We practice Judaism for the 21st century, and our diverse community and open practices reflect that.


Our community has been established at its current location in beautiful Ontario, CA since 1960. We have recently undergone major renovations to increase accessibility, security, and to secure our building for use by future generations - we are proud to welcome new and prospective members to our temple.

Hands holding a prayer book

Judaism in the 21st Century

The community at Temple Sholom is known for its warmth and hospitality. We are an egalitarian community that is welcoming to everyone of the Jewish faith regardless of sex, gender, history, philosophy, personal beliefs, or dedication to the faith.

We want everyone to feel equal within our synagogue. Everyone is encouraged to participate in activities and to grow spiritually and socially in a traditional but modern environment.

Our diverse membership spans multiple nationalities, ethnic identities, ages, and professions. We are welcoming to Non-Jewish community members who are curious, and provide all accommodations for proper observance of services should new people wish to attend.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please call our office at: 909-983-9661. Our secretary is very friendly and will answer your questions or refer you to a member of the congregation who can help.

Weekly Newsletter

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